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Largest places in Burundi

The largest cities and places in Burundi at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Burundi.

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Largest places in Burundi
Bujumbura Bujumbura1.Bujumbura Mairie Bujumbura Mairie331,700
Muyinga Muyinga2.Muyinga Muyinga71,076
Ruyigi Ruyigi3.Ruyigi Ruyigi38,458
Gitega Gitega4.Gitega Gitega23,167
Ngozi Ngozi5.Ngozi Ngozi21,506
Rutana Rutana6.Rutana Rutana20,893
Bururi Bururi7.Bururi Bururi19,740
Makamba Makamba8.Makamba Makamba19,642
Kayanza Kayanza9.Kayanza Kayanza19,443
Muramvya Muramvya10.Muramvya Muramvya18,041
Cibitoke Cibitoke11.Cibitoke Cibitoke14,220
Bubanza Bubanza12.Bubanza Bubanza12,728
Karuzi Karuzi13.Karuzi Karuzi10,705
Cankuzo Cankuzo14.Cankuzo Cankuzo6,585
Kirundo Kirundo15.Kirundo Kirundo6,083
Rumonge Rumonge16.Bururi Bururi6,074
Mwaro Mwaro17.Mwaro Mwaro4,924
Manga Manga18.Bujumbura Rural Bujumbura Rural1,000

1 - 18 of 18 places

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